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About UpRight Matters

Cynthia Holladay

The concepts for UpRight Matters blog as part of UpRight Marketing's web presence have been in my head for too long — a dangerous place to be. So instead of remaining as background conversations, I'm bringing these topics out in the open where resulting actions can make a difference.

As entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, or anyone involved in worthy causes, we have good reasons for doing what we do. As we strive to innovate, write the tightest code, solve the biggest problems, or launch the latest product, we are bound together and driven to excellence — all in an effort to reach an ultimate goal — and change the world.

For me, this kind of passion is part of what makes high-tech, Silicon Valley, and mission-driven organizations special. There is so much fun, freedom, and fulfillment working in these environments, I aim to create this atmosphere no matter what or where the project.

This blog features associates who are focused on how to improve results and make progress — in life and business. And for any scale of interest. We'd like to share ideas, experiences, and resources for achieving responsible and sustainable growth. Oh, and of course, to achieve fun, freedom, and fulfillment. Here are the particulars:

What is UpRight?

At UpRight Marketing it is a context, a philosophy, a strategy, a series of measures, a way of being. And by design, a particular direction to results.

Why UpRight?

We are "UpRight" because we want to make progress and make a difference in the world — a competitive difference. We measure the results for how well we achieve our goals by the mutual values of our service, the impeccability of our products, and the integrity of all our relationships.


Who is UpRight for?

In principle, anyone and everyone.

We focus on things we love — the sweet spot where cool technology, holistic marketing, and purposeful mission come together. If you share one or more of these passions, we want to have conversations that matter with you. And we would like to share experiences and resources along the way.

So much at stake

When I consciously observe the world with an open mind, I'm in awe of the possibilities for the future. There are vast opportunities to change the world by applying the technologies and systems we are building or have readily available.

At the same time, the speed and direction in which technology, communications, and economies are progressing are pushing our Earth and social systems to the brink.

With engineering and marketing being key drivers of economic growth, we are ideally placed to respond to challenges and opportunities by joining up to be key drivers of responsible growth.

  • We all strive to achieve ever greater revenues and profits. At what cost?
  • So many mission statements say “to be the leader in…". But where are we going?
  • OK, so we become the leader. ...Now what?!?

What results do we have to show for it? What is and isn't working? Are we responsible? Are we accountable? Are we sustainable?

Are we part of a solution or contributing to a bigger problem?

These are a few of the questions and conversations we must have.

It's all a conversation

One question that is always there for me is, "Why are we doing this?"

I’ve been told that you come to understand what you persistently focus on. That is my experience too.

I am always searchingto sustain the values that matter.

Always. Because progress is dynamic. The values that matter are dynamic. This means that in the searching, there are no "answers" or rules that apply in every specific situation. But "the answers" are not what is important anyway. Being open to all possibilities and continuing to ask the right questions is.

Cynthia Holladay,
August, 2007