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Music Tempo and Genre as Playlist Factors

It's rare that a day passes in our house without music being played somewhere. But because we're now working on the launch of Syntonetic's Moodagent playlisting application for iPhone and iPod Touch, I've been spending even more time than usual listening to my own music, thinking about playlists, and what makes a good one.

In my previous post I wrote about the digital music dilemma: when you've accumulated so much digital music that you can't remember all the tracks in your library, how do you decide what to play? Picking tracks at random can sometimes be interesting, but it doesn't work when you want to hear a particular kind of music.

In this post I look at music tempo and music genre as two possible characteristics that might be useful in creating a playlist that is less random.

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All I Have to Do Is ... Play Music

Illustration: Everly Brothers

Music has always been important in my life. But lately, because we're working on Syntonetic's Moodagent launch (see the previous post), I'm spending a lot of time thinking about the relationship between music and mood.

The notion that music influences our mood is nothing new. But today's Music Psychologists are tackling the subject more systematically than the poets of old. In Seven Ways Music Influences Mood, Psyblog reviews a 2007 study of adolescents in Finland about the different ways they used music to control and improve their mood.

All the same, scientists finding connections between music and the quality of life does not affect me directly. How can I put that knowledge to use in the way I select and play my own music?

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