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Cynthia Holladay

Cynthia Holladay

Hi -- and welcome,

I am founder and principal of UpRight Marketing, a marketing strategy and communications consultancy based in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley, California. While my work has primarily been in the high-tech industry for 20 years (which I love), I began adding professional services and nonprofit organization projects to the mix last year. Unsurprisingly, the same marketing fundamentals that apply to Internet and enterprise software companies apply everywhere.

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You can see a few experiences that contribute to my biases in my LinkedIn profile and at UpRight Marketing. So I'll summarize a bit here and reveal more through my blogging affirmations.

Colleagues who know me well tell me my marketing pedigree is atypical. But they will also tell you that I am a tireless advocate for the true value of marketing, the marketing profession -- and the ever-expanding wonder and potential of information technology.

A fundamental framework in my work, and a recurring theme in this blog, is the Who, Why, and What factor as it highlights what exists -- or in many cases, what's missing. That is:

  • Who are we in the matter?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What are the results to show for it?